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Helping American Women Get Ahead  By:Valerie Jarrett
President Barack Obama

Valerie Jarrett
Subject: Helping American Women Get Ahead
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2010 10:08:08 -0500


Dear Friend,

Even when our economy is strong, it is difficult for women to juggle the demands of a career and a family.  And during the tough economic times of the past few years, that juggling has become increasingly challenging for many working mothers.  That’s why President Obama has recognized that we can never lose sight of working women and mothers as we fight day after day to climb out of this economic hole.

Women make up nearly 50 percent of the American workforce, and in almost two thirds of American families women are the primary or co-breadwinner.  But even in 2010, women only earn 77 cents on the dollar compared to men, and women are still underrepresented in the highest levels of management.

Since taking office, President Obama’s number one priority has been growing our economy and creating good jobs for all Americans. Many of the policies his Administration has put into place to turn our economy around have been particularly important for women.

Here are just a few of the important steps the Obama Administration has taken to help support women throughout their education and careers:

  • Train and educate women for quality jobs.  The President has focused on opportunities for training and educating all Americans for the jobs of the future.  For example, women, who make up the vast majority of nurses and about half of all medical school enrollees, will benefit from the $320 million in healthcare workforce development grants in the Affordable Care Act.
  • Promote economic expansion and job growth for women.  Under the Recovery Act, nearly 12,000 SBA loans have been made to women-owned small businesses, helping to get much needed capital into the hands of women entrepreneurs.
  • Support working women at home and in their jobs. Through the Recovery Act’s Make Work Pay tax credit, 74 million American women had an average of $600 more in their pocketbooks in 2009.  In addition, the President proposed nearly doubling the Child and Dependant Care Tax Credit for middle class Americans.  The President is committed to equal pay for women; in fact the first bill he signed into law was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.
  • Support women in retirement and between jobs.  From July 2008 to August 2010, 6.9 million women and their families were helped by the extension of unemployment insurance.  Social Security plays a vital role for retired women who make up 58 percent of all beneficiaries, and President Obama is committed to strengthening and protecting it.

We have a lot of work left to do, but without these policies, millions of American women would have struggled over the past few years.  You can learn more about what we’re doing to help American women get ahead here:

Unfortunately, many Congressional Republicans have fought us every step of the way – opposing the economic policies that have helped millions of American women survive during the recession and begin to make progress. 

Women are a crucial part of the American workforce and our economic recovery, and we must do everything in our power to support them. 


Valerie Jarrett
Senior Advisor to the President and Chair of the White House Council on Women and Girls

P.S. You can stay up to date on what this Administration is doing to support women by signing up for the Weekly Women’s Update email:

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Because our history is burdened on an artificial basis with stories purported to be the true history, civilization has taken the road of the victors by means of a victory that was achieved in a cruel manner.

This led to questions within the realm of history and literature concerning certain events from our own time or the past and occasionally even future events that their authors have conjured up with their poetic intuition.

Modern times, which bears the prospect of its own downfall, has taught us that everyone is wrong who thinks that fiction can beat reality.

The term reality has emerged as the concept introduced by the ruling elite in order through their tyranny to govern the masses in a consistent attempt to create history and in return to allot a certain materialistic compensation.

If we want to consider the matter of conspiracies, there are famous characters of spies who have appeared in literature, movies or comic books, always with the same purpose: they enter into battle with the secret services, state conspiracies, crime, terrorism and the police.

All that can be found in the novel by Slobodan Radojev Mitric Help! They’ve kidnapped me! Lady Di:  easily manipulated police officials, controlled heads of secret services, a queen and a princess, female vampires, criminals, famous sports figures, the super rich on our planet, presidents, and the everyday life of the King of the United Arab Emirates, the British Royal Family as well as the daily work of the Paris police force.

And most important of all: The novel about Princess Diana raises questions relating to her life before and during her marriage to Prince Charles until after the divorce and her death, which here is part of a counter-counter-operation, continuing a fairytale that began with her marriage to the British Crown Prince and that is later to result in the tremendous worship by the masses of the people’s princess.

The spy story is entwined with a melodramatic line of the Princess and her husband, her fiancés and lovers, indeed the whole male world that revolves around Diana.

The novel has either a happy or a melodramatic ending, but both acknowledge the existence of Princess Diana, both contradict the medical as well as the historical version of the story and suggest new hypotheses, concerning not only the fate of Princess Diana, but also the fate of our civilization.






A (translated) Review by Prof. Rade Bozovic, Former Dean of the Philological Faculty of the University of Belgrade and presently Professor of Oriental Studies. He is a member of the Serbian Writers Union.


We have plenty of reasons for stating that Slobodan Radojev Mitrić is a skilled writer of true crime novels. In his book "Help! They’ve Kidnapped Me! Lady Di" he writes not a single unnecessary sentence nor does he give a any unnecessary description. In fact, the novel focuses above all on the dialogue that exemplarily fits every situation. When it needs to be lyrical, it is so; when it should be satirical, it is so; when deemed advisable for the dialogue to inform the reader, it does so. The dialogue is almost theatrical. The story line is skillfully guided to the end, which is not your standard happy ending of a crime story. Finally, the outcome is surprising and somewhat intriguing. Where is Princess Diana? Is she really dead? Moreover, what happened to her lover Dodi alFayed?

This short but very fast moving novel is not at all your ordinary run of the mill crime story. It is rather a smoothly rendered gift with criticism of the secret services that are obviously involved in the sinister actions of the underworld. For anyone with knowledge concerning the latter, Slobodan Radojev Mitric has succeeded in writing an interesting crime story.



Dear Slobodan,
Had I not predicted what road your Lady Di book would take – that it will become a world bestseller!
With pleasure, I read your press release about the appearance of your book in the United Kingdom. It is a natural approach, and translations in all countries of the world will pile up. I’m sure the book will enjoy the largest circulation in the world that an author has ever experienced.
For you, the ultimate joy and for the Serbian people a great honor to realize that it has such a powerful and spiritually strong personality in its ranks. So shall it be. I hope that here [in Serbia] institutions will ensure that the honor for writing this book will be given to the Serbian people. Because, you are the only person in the world worthy of representing our people; something that has not happened to Serbia since the days of Ivo Andric.
It was an honor for me to belong to the first Serbs, who personally received the book as a gift, for which I thank you with joy.
Permanently fascinated by all this, I remain,
Yours sincerely,
Dusan Tesic Luzanski

P.S. David Strossmayer, added the following sentence to this appraisal: “I agree with everything you have said and have absolutely nothing to add to it, perhaps ‘AMEN’, LET IT BE In Hebrew.”
David Strossmayer-Architect




"Help! They’ve Kidnapped Me! Lady Di" by Slobodan R. Mitric‏  

"Help! Ze hebben me gekidnapt! Lady Di" By Slobodan Radojev Mitric   








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